Navigate confidently through our social trust network, distinguishing authenticity while turning your data into passive income. Join our mission to shape AI regulation, ensuring it serves humanity as a powerful tool.

The Problem We Face

In the digital era, AI-generated content blurs the lines between truth and illusion. Online trust is eroding due to deepfakes, misinformation, and privacy breaches. Trust in information and institutions is declining.

The challenge: restoring trust in the digital age. The AI Trust Council is the solution.

Rebuilding Trust, One Human Connection at a Time

AI-generated illusions challenge reality, so we turn to the strength of genuine human connections as the foundation of trust. Our future platform will harness the security of blockchain technology, similar to the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Our Mission

At the AI Trust Council, our mission is clear: to restore trust and authenticity in the digital world. Founded by a group of dedicated professionals, including commercial airline pilots, GWOT veterans, and EMS pilots, we believe in the power of human goodness and the responsible use of artificial intelligence. Our commitment is to provide a secure platform where trust, transparency, and the golden rule are the guiding principles. We envision a future where humanity remains at the center of technology.

Your Trusted Network

You start by forming a close-knit network of trusted individuals, including friends, family members, and confidants—people renowned for their integrity and ethical values. From this foundation of trust, your network expands, bringing you into contact with others who share your unwavering dedication to honesty and dependability.

Blockchain Security

Blockchain technology, known for its unparalleled security, will play a pivotal role in our upcoming platform. It functions like a digital ledger, recording every interaction to ensure authenticity and reliability. When you become part of the AI Trust Council, your trust network will be safeguarded by this cutting-edge technology, just like cryptocurrencies.

Fight Deception

We're here to prepare for the challenges posed by AI-generated deceptions, including deepfake videos and misinformation. With a network of trustworthy individuals, we aim to create a community where authenticity prevails.

Why Join The AI Trust Council?

Join us to be part of a transformative movement dedicated to rebuilding trust in the digital age.

By becoming a member of the AI Trust Council, you’ll:

Reclaim Trust

In a world of uncertainty, regain confidence in what you see and hear online.


Join a community of like-minded individuals who value trust, transparency, and authenticity.

Influence Change

Be at the forefront of shaping a future where human connections and blockchain security are paramount.

Network Growth

Build a trusted network of friends and connections who share your commitment to honesty and reliability.

Stay Informed

Receive updates, insights, and opportunities to actively participate in our mission.